What is an automatic mechanical watch?

What is an automatic mechanical watch?
As early as 1770, Swiss watchmaker Perrelet invented an automatic mechanical watch for use in pocket watches, and then the design was improved by Breguet. As the name suggests, Automatic Watch does not require a battery as a power source to keep the watch running. The Automatic Watch is an improvement of a manual mechanical watch. An oscillating weight is added to the watch. When we wear it daily, the oscillating weight inside the watch can be rotated due to the movement of the wrist to achieve the effect of winding. . Most mechanical watches with the word "Automatic" on the dial of the watch are automatic mechanical watches. This is also one of the ways to quickly identify automatic mechanical watches when selecting watches. After more than 200 years of development, Automatic movements have become very common, so even It is a replica watch, and it is a very common phenomenon to configure a watch with an Automatic movement. Some of them come from self-assembled movements, some are purchased from Asia, and some are purchased from Switzerland, such as the famous Swiss ETA movement. For the production of replica watches, they will be modified to ensure that the thickness of the movement is consistent with the real watches. For example, the famous replica watches online store findreplicawatches, their replica hublot watches are all Automatic movements.

Advantages of Automatic Movement:
The charm of an automatic mechanical watch lies in its complexity and can reflect a sense of power. Nowadays, the people who choose automatic mechanical watches are no longer gender-sensitive. A well-made mechanical watch can be pleasing to the eye, so as to enhance the master's taste and bring aristocratic temperament. The convenience of an automatic mechanical watch is that it not only does not need to change the battery and does not need to be wound, the appearance is more textured than the quartz movement (depending on each brand). Some brands are also very thin, but most of them are manually wound. The movement has a longer service life. You can also choose to wind the watch manually.

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Disadvantages of Automatic Movement:
But its shortcomings are also obvious, there are errors in travel time, or even large errors. As little as tens of seconds a day, as many as a few minutes. Precisely because it is a high-tech activity to make the time of a mechanical watch accurate, every time the time of the watch is made more accurate, the energy expended by the watch manufacturing industry will increase multiples, and so does the price. For the same brand, the observatory is several times that of ordinary, and the tourbillon is more than ten times and dozens of times. The improvement in travel time accuracy may only vary from ten to one second. Therefore, the Automatic Movement used by replica watches is usually not expensive, so the time will certainly not be particularly accurate.

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