What is an Electronic Movement Watch ?

What is an Electronic Movement Watch ?
The electronic watch originated in the mid-1970s, with a small-area integrated circuit as the main structure, and a liquid crystal display to display the time, mostly in digital form. In fact, the electronic watch also uses the stone "English crystal oscillator" as the reference frequency, but the accuracy is not as accurate as the reference frequency of the later evolved quartz watch. The electronic watch is a watch that is made with an electronic timing chip and displays the time with 7-segment LCD digital. More functions. It is powered by a button battery to provide energy.
Electronic movement is usually used in some children's toy watches, or some low-end sports watches, such as some low-end g-shock. Some replica watches will also use electronic movements, and their prices are very low. For example, replica watches that only cost 10-20 usd on some websites use electronic movements. Frankly speaking, these watches should not be called replica watches, they should be typical fake watches. I would recommend that you buy 1:1 made replica watches, such as the worlds most famous sports watch richard millle, they have very good richard mille replica, worth buying.

Advantages of Electronic Movement:
It is easy to repair, the movement is not easily broken, and the display time accuracy is relatively high. The price is relatively cheap.
Disadvantages of Electronic Movement:
Fear of contact with water (except for waterproof electronic watches)

>Electronic Movement

Quartz watches are a category of electronic watches. It means that the driving part of the watch uses a crystal oscillator to drive the mechanical gears, instead of winding the clock, just add a battery. The electronic watch uses liquid crystal to display, there is no mechanical part inside, it is purely electronic. The difference between the two can be seen as one is a semi-mechanical device and the other is an electronic device.

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