What is a quartz movement watch ?

What is a quartz movement watch ?
Quartz watches only began to appear in the 1980s, and quartz watches are one of the types of watches. The main feature of the quartz movement is the use of a high-frequency quartz oscillator. It is said that its accuracy is much higher than that of an electronic watch. According to relevant data, a quartz watch with a higher accuracy has an error within 1.5s. Every day is within 45s a month, and the error of a high-quality quartz watch is within 0.5s per day. At the same time, the quartz watch uses the advanced motor mechanical manufacturing method to indicate the time. Although it is not as simple as the processing method of the electronic watch, it can produce a precise time through a simple cover. The whole device is comparable to a mechanical watch. The greater the degree of similarity, the function of the quartz watch is also less. Since the quartz movement is very accurate and the price is very low, many low-priced replica watches will use the quartz movement! Of course, for some high-quality replica watches, its casing and other parts will be matched with the best materials. Even so, its price will usually be cheaper than replica watches with automatic movements. For example, the 35 mm super breitling replica is a good choice. Of course I want to tell you the truth, the shipment of quartz replica watches will be very slow, because it cannot be transported by air!
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Advantages of Quartz Movement:
High accuracy, (almost 100 times higher than mechanical watches), the error per month is -30 seconds to +30 seconds, easy to use, choose a quartz watch without too much care, especially suitable for women and middle-aged and elderly People wear. However, mechanical automatic watches often stop running because of insufficient amount of exercise, which is a common problem. The price advantage is about 20% to 30% cheaper than mechanical watches.

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Disadvantages of Quartz Movement:
The battery life of a general quartz watch is mostly one or two years, and it will need to be replaced frequently. Furthermore, for watches that use a quartz oscillation, the quartz oscillation will subside after five to eight years of use, and the natural accuracy will decrease. However, due to the development of modern industry, labor costs are high, and it is too costly to replace many small parts with labor. Therefore, if a quartz watch has a major failure, the original factory will usually require a new movement directly.

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